How to Reach 25 Goals in Under a Year

How to Reach 25 Goals in Under a Year
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What started as a joke for my 24th birthday, turned into a whole new perspective for the one that followed. Here's how I channeled my focus to reach my goals.

When I first thought of this post, it was a joke. Literally. I was inspired by a Facebook post titled “30 conclusions & tips for a 30th birthday”. The general vibe of the post ranged from dramatic, yet inspiring, to cute and entertaining. I enjoyed reading the post and the tips the author shared, so I thought to myself that it’s a nice idea to do something similar in honor of my upcoming twenty-fourth birthday. Only the version I thought of was supposed to be filled with jokes and amusing anecdotes – a form of a parody one might say.

Quick disclaimer:
This post is heavily influenced by James Clear’s original article. If you like it, be sure to show him some love too. Happy reading!

Then my twenty-fifth birthday came and went and I still haven’t posted the funny post. Not only have I not written the post, suddenly the post seemed meaningless to me. Is this what I want to do at 25? Just something funny? – Don’t get me wrong, I like making people laugh, but I’m sure something more significant can be done in honor of an age that sums up a quarter of a century.

So I decided to do something different. I’ll write down 25 goals I intend to achieve this year and use this post as a reference. I started searching the web to get inspired and came up with a really interesting Warren Buffett method called “The 25/5 Technique“. The same technique he created to achieve personal goals.

The method works something like this:

1. Create a list of everything you want to accomplish

At this point, you need to create a list of 25 goals/tasks that you want to achieve this year – without fear and without filtering. Write it all down. Here are some things I wrote down for myself:

And so on. As I wrote more and more things I wanted to do, new things emerged that I had not thought of before at all. All sorts of ideas I’ve heard from friends over the years and thought to myself “Ah, cool!” But I never put too much thought into them. It is important not to “edit” anything at this point in the list. Just write down what comes to mind.

What I did do was write rules for the list. I did not want to write down banal things like “buy an electric scooter”. In the end, buying something is not such an amazing goal (or at all) and we built, with hard work and a little financial thinking it can be achieved without a lot of problems. So to make sure I write interesting goals that will advance me later, I set myself three rules:

  1. It must be an action or an achievement

  2. It must be something measurable (for example: instead of writing “read more books”, write “read 10 books”)

  3. Do not list anything that can be obtained by purchasing it

Of course, in your list, you can think of rules that are more suitable for you, but these are great guidelines. still here? Go write!

2. Choose the 5 most important goals

Now that we have all our goals written down, we need to go through the list and choose the 5 most important goals. Not the easiest to do – the most important ones.

Wait up

Before you continue to the next step, you should make sure to finish steps 1 & 2 if you haven't already.

3. 20 More to go...

So what do we do now that we have the 5 most important goals? Completely ignore the other 20 goals. Yup, I’m serious. There is nothing more distracting than thinking about other goals that are not the most important. In order not to get lost among all the things I wrote down, I rewrote all my goals, in order of priority. Only when I finish the top 5 tasks will I move on to the next 5 tasks.

Want to read more about Buffett’s technique? Feel free to read this post by James Clear on the subject.

Looking for some inspiration? Here are my 25 goals:

  1. Make this blog profitable
  2. Earn money from making people laugh
  3. Publish a book
  4. Add 10 KG
  5. Give a lecture

  6. Publish a digital product
  7. Learn to play 3 songs on a ukulele
  8. Travel to the United States
  9. Return the loan I took for my business
  10. Write a script
  11. Go wall climbing – Reach level 6A
  12. Learn how to salsa
  13. Create 3 animations
  14. Go to a music festival
  15. Get a scuba license – 1st star
  16. Get on a stage
  17. Jump out of an airplane
  18. Read 3 books – with a plot, not self-improvement
  19. Travel to Berlin
  20. Create a community – at least 50 people
  21. Volunteer – at least 30 hours
  22. Go to (and participate in) a TED event
  23. Start the Israel road
  24. Go to Ashram in the desert
  25. Relocate to Argentina – Cancelled

That’s it. These are the 25 goals I’m going to keep an eye on for now. Of course I’ll only focus on the top five goals of the list. Only when I complete them (or some of them) will I move on to the next goal on the list. Now it’s your turn to make a list and start achieving your goals! Do you have a cool goal? Do we have a common one? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

Michael Farber

Michael Farber

Content creator, productivity enthusiast, and a former workaholic. I love writing about anything that has to do with self-improvement and giving the occasional lecture. Hybrid Argentinian, currently living in Tel-Aviv.
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