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Make creating content easy with this all-in-one Notion template for creators!

Platform-based post templates

To create content you need a simple system. The Content Lab is built in such a way that frees you of all the hassle that comes with organising content and lets you focus on what really matters.

easily Manage all your projects

The template lets you know exactly where each post stands with an appropriate status. You can manage your projects using the Kanban method or with a calendar view to make everything's in sync.

For Content Managers

Got more than one channel? This template is adapted to Creators with multiple social media channels so you can get a clear birds-eye view of all the channels or check up on specific channels.

הגיע הזמן ליצור תוכן
כמו מקצוען/ית

התבנית זמינה להורדה במחיר השקה מיוחד ל-30 הראשונים/ות שירכשו את התבנית!

תבנית מעבדת התוכן
  • לוח שנה דינמי לניהול כל התוכן שלך
  • רשימה לתיעוד רעיונות
  • ניהול תכנים לפי פלטפורמה
  • טמפלטים לכל סוגי התוכן שלך
תבנית מעבדת התוכן + שיחת הדרכה
  • לוח שנה דינמי לניהול כל התוכן שלך
  • רשימה לתיעוד רעיונות
  • ניהול תכנים לפי פלטפורמה
  • טמפלטים לכל סוגי התוכן שלך
  • שיחת הדרכה בזום באורך 45 דקות

start planning like pro

The template is available for download at a special launch price for a limited time!


The Creator's Lab Template

The ultimate Notion template for Content Creators.

Price inculdes:


Tempalte + Consult Session

The ultimate Notion template for Content Creators + A 1:1 Call.

Price inculdes:

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(Sorry, didn’t mean to shout)

Notion is a note-taking app that is super useful for managing projects. Any page you build in the app can be shared with specific people or publicly. There is also an option to copy pages and add them to your project (depending on the sharing settings).

The Content Lab is a template I created that contains several databases and content management options for creators with clear and simple work methods for you to implement.

Duplicating the template to your workspace will create an identical copy of the template, so you can work with the “content lab” to manage your content.


All you need to do is sign-up to as a free Notion user to work with the template. You can login using your Google account, your Apple account or with your personal email address (there is a possibility that this will be updated later).

Of course! Once you’ve copied the template to your Notion workspace, you can make whatever changes you want (just don’t share the template with other people, because after all – this is a paid template that I’ve worked hard on).

You should know that any changes you make may cause problems if the template is updated down the road.

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