July 30, 2020

Mandatory Boring Legal Stuff: The Far Bear Terms of Use

July 30, 2020

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What I talk about

You know how every website or service these days has their own boring version of a terms-of-use document that nobody likes (or wants) to read? Well, this is mine. Enjoy!

If you’re browsing this website, that means you accept the terms of this website. Don’t agree? That’s fine. But you should also exit this website, stop using any of its services, and avoid purchasing any of its products. Oh, and don’t forget to turn off the lights when you leave. Sorry.

In lawyerly people language: this is a legal agreement between you (AKA “The Visitor”) and me ( AKA Michael Farber, “The Far Bear”) – the owner and creator of this website and its services.

My house - My rules

I can (and sometimes will) change the terms of service and privacy policy whenever I want. I may also stop offering things, change things, or restrict access to different things, without any notice. That includes changing, suspending, or deleting your account – or account information – in case you have one on this website.

You know how when you’re a kid you have to ask to be excused from the dinner table? Yeah, there’s none of that here. If I see a user who does not comply with the terms of this agreement, or if I believe that a user violated these terms, I will be entitled to terminate that user’s activity on my services in any form I see fit (my house, remember?).

What you see is what you get

You may use this site and its contents AS IS, at your own risk.
There’s no warranty for anything here. This ain’t no Amazon Prime.

I'm only human

What I mean by that is that I can’t be responsible for everything all the time. Especially on the great and vast interweb. So If I provide any links in the website, I can’t guarantee they will be correct and will lead to active websites. You might think the content on those websites or articles to be offensive, inappropriate or just plain horrible in any other regard. Nonetheless, I take no responsibility for any content on, or any feelings you may have that resulted from, any links on this website.

Point is – this is the internet. There are some messed up things out there. None of is on me.

Oh, and another thing to remember: I am not a trained professional. Keep that in mind when reading, using, or relying on any information found in this website or other websites that were linked to in different articles on this website.

Make no mistake:

I am not responsible for any damage, to you or anything else, that was caused because of the information on this website.

The Far Bear brand, content and activity on the website

In case it’s not already clear, I own everything in this joint. In other words, I own the full legal rights for the visual elements you see, the text content you read, and audio files you may choose to listen to (you should, objective feedback would be great). I know you don’t mean any harm, but just in case: I don’t allow you to use, copy, adapt any part of the written code or visual elements, without getting a written agreement.

Just do me a favor, don’t be a jerk, okay? The internet has enough of them as it is.

Content Published On This Website By Users

No one's above the law, partner

If a user has violated the terms of this agreement, I will be entitled to disclose every detail known to me about them in any legal proceedings. You know what? I might do that even if I don’t receive a court order instructing me to so. It’s nothing personal, just self-preservation.

Yo, where you at?

Tel-Aviv, Israel is an amazing city. Sandy beaches, cloudy skies and asphalty roads. You should come visit me here sometime. It’s also where all suits arising from the content and services provided in this website must take place. Did I mention that the terms of use are governed by Israeli law? Because these terms of use are governed by Israeli law.

That's a wrap

This super long text document (it wasn’t that long, wasn’t it?) represents the agreement between you and me. I promise I’m usually more fun than this.

If you want to ask me something or just share a really funny bloopers video, you can send an email to [email protected] . I’d love to hear from you 🙂

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